about us

The Tadbir Building Group consists of a set of Designer, Supervisor, and Executor of Designer, Supervisor, and Executor with Senior Licensor in four Tendencies of Architecture, Structures, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering from Tehran Construction Engineering Organization, with the approval of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, which has been active since 2006. Has started its own and has been designing, managing and implementing various projects in commercial, office and residential areas by its specialized department.

Services of specialized departments of the Department include:

– Advice and expertise on economic justification of the project, project cost estimation and material selection by the group advisers.

– Provide msp schedule for the project by separating the failure structure and reporting up to the end of the project by the project management department.

– Total investment in construction projects by the investment department

– Obtaining initial licenses for the project, including the municipal permit in the least time and with minimal cost

– Obtaining the necessary approvals from the engineering organization by introducing the designer, observer and legal entity of the consulting and supervisory companies and the competent authority of the sub-group

– Mapping the location of the project and drawing up a plan for property and conducting soil mechanical experiments by the departments of surveying and soil

– Architectural, structural, electrical and mechanical design, together with presentation of four design and design drawings, interior decoration, green area and Roof Garden, according to the latest international codes and codes, and the complete project album along with all the documents. Technical, Architectural, Mechanical, Electric, Architectural Design by Department

– Technical supervision of construction projects, together with the presentation of the letters of commitment of the four real and legal monitoring by the Department of Supervision

– Implementation of construction projects by contracting by the competent authority of the engineering organization, using the most up-to-date materials and equipment and manufacturing technology, by the executive department of the group observing the standards of the world and observing the principles of safety and environmental in accordance with the project schedule.

– Obtaining the end of the work and performing the duties related to the registration of the property and the document and the preparation of the technical identification of the property